Save Time, Money and Stress Guaranteed

Save Time.

Our clients now complete their book keeping in 20% of the time that they used to. We have calculated that the majority of these clients now free up over 5 weeks per year!

Save money.

We have four pricing packages that include everything – software licenses, end of year work, mid year management accounts. So you always remain in control of your spending.

Save Stress.

There are strict penalties for failing to keep accurate records. Our system reduces your stress as you know that you are 100% up to date at all times throughout the year.

Our Services Includes

xero-logo-hires-RGBXero Accounting

We are 100% Xero accountants, that means we work with Xero all day, every day. We understand the Xero software inside and out and can can assist with your questions, and offer guidance on how to use Xero more efficiently and smarter. 

progressManagement & Annual Accounts

All of your compliance and regular reporting requirements are taken care of with Cloud Accountants. This includes:

  • Preparing your annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Taking care of all dealings with the IRD
  • All tax payment reminders
  • Monitoring current trading using real time info, to determine likely tax liabilities – no surprises!
  • Efficiently complete so we can focus more on the Now and Future!

application searchTaxation

At Positive Trends we monitor your tax position on a regular basis, and provide timely reminders of when tax is due for payment. We provide specific tax advice when the need arises even if the question or issue is of a highly technical nature.

calculatorPayroll Services

The Positive Trends team can assist you with setting up your Payroll with systems that integrate straight into the Xero accounting engine. We are familiar with the online payroll systems and can advise on a system to fit with your business. 

business userVirtual CFO

The VFO service helps to assist our clients in taking their businesses to the next level, providing quality advice on a regular basis, including:

  • Assisting with preparing budgets and forecasts for a 'line in the sand'. We all need something to aim for!
  • Preparing management statements vs budgets
  • Regular meetings (including Virtual) for analysis
  • Preparing tax projections
  • Strategic planning
  • Internal systems analysis, advice and monitoring


gift black 64Other Services

We can provide many other services depending on your specific requirements. These can include:

  • Cashflow, forecasting & budgeting
  • Business Structuring
  • Trusts advice
  • Attending to Companies Office administration
  • Xero consulting and bookeeping including:
  • Conversions from other systems
  • Training
  • Processing and VAT return assistance
  • Payroll
  • Other cloud based systems


Bookkeeping and Payroll


You may want to focus your time on other areas of the business and leave the bookkeeping to us! We'll setup a workflow to ensure your bank and credit card transactions are accurately categorized, linking entries directly to receipts and invoices online.

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

If you're registered for VAT, you'll be filing sales tax returns on a regular basis. Whether you're preparing your own books or would like us to manage the process, we'll review and file your value added tax returns each period to ensure you file accurately and on time.


If you have employees, we'll setup a payroll system to streamline the payroll process. We'll manage onboarding of new employees, terminations, and information return filings. Most importantly, we'll ensure your employees are paid the right amount and on time.

Technology and systems

Systems Implementations

Your business' accounting system and software choices can significantly affect the cost and efficiency of doing business. Whether you're looking to work remotely, manage projects, or explore an inventory tracking system, we'll work with you to research and investigate your options and ultimately identify the right software choice. With an implementation plan in place, we'll manage the setup and training to ensure a smooth transition.

Software Training

Whether you're looking to do your own bookkeeping or run your payroll online, we'll be there to offer training and support throughout the process. Our hands on training will ensure you gain practical experience to understand the process and our support team is always on call for questions. Throughout the year we'll continue to review your work and share important updates so you can continue to learn with us!

Starting a business? We can help!

If you're starting a business, you may want to discuss the pros and cons of incorporation, Tax/Value added tax rules, the optimal accounting system to choose, and a host of other questions. We'll work with you to ensure that you get your business started on the right foot.