Are you reimagining your finances? We'd love to help

Positive Trends is a Cloud Accounting firm working with clients who wants to reimagin their finances


Imagin: Unlimited Support

Your entire accounting team, on call throughout the year.

Imagin: Knowing your real-time cashflow

Real-time collaboration to keep you up to date with your cashflow.

Imagin: Up-Front Pricing

Customized pricing options for every customer, agreed upon up-front.

Imagin: Management accounts before the next month end

Getting to see your figures before the next month end.




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What makes us different?
Our focus on systems.

Having the right systems and processes means a lot more than just a faster tax return. It means freedom and mobility for you and your company.

Real time metrics and streamlined processes mean you can talk about the issues that matter, when they matter – leading to better planning, strategy, and decision making.




Why online

  • More and more services have moved to an online or digital environment, as the easiest and best way of accessing them, allowing individuals and businesses greater control over their data, their time and their lives, whilst reducing the hassle associated with many boring but essential admin tasks...accountancy and financial advice is no different. 

    Online Accountant
    Positive Trends
  • Expert, professional advice and excellent customer service, available through a variety of modern communication tools, combined with the ease of access, improved control and visibility, additional functionality and value for money pricing available online, makes this the obvious choice and one more and more people are making. 

    Online Accountant
    Positive Trends
  • Makes other financial transactions easier - such as applying for finance - as your finances are already up to date at any point in time. 

    Adding Value
    Positive Trends

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